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Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: IACP 2019 New York Conference
When: Thursday, June 6, 2019

Name Type
David Abbott Members
George Barson Members
Christian Bouckaert Members
Keith Bremer Non-Member Guest
Bob Brown Non-Member
Brian Burke Non-Member
Wendy Cardali Non-Member Guest
Regina Cedeno Members
Matthew Chamberlin Non-Member
Christine Cirillo Non-Member
Ellen Clarke Members
Carmen Corcoran Members
Doris Curreri Additional Attendee - Member
Francis Deasey Non-Member
Lewis Deneff Additional Attendee - Member
Steven Disiervi Non-Member Guest
Mark DiTaranto Members
Jeanette Dixon Non-Member
Christopher Dougherty Non-Member
Richard Duplantier Non-Member
Debra Dupre Non-Member Guest
Henry Dykowsky Members
Leah Engelhardt Non-Member
Anthony Farano Additional Attendee - Member
Deborah Ford Non-Member
Rebecca Fussell Non-Member
Casey Gallagher Non-Member
Gregory Gaydos Members
Christopher George Non-Member
Frederic Gindraux Members
Neil Goldberg Non-Member
Michael Goldstein Non-Member
Ryan Grantham Non-Member
Alan Gray Members
Rick Gregg Members
Jared Greisman Non-Member
david groome Non-Member
Rick Harmon Non-Member
Joe Hassinger Non-Member
Jennifer Heitman Non-Member
Melissa Hill Members
Cecilia Hirstreet Additional Attendee - Member
Charity Hyde Non-Member Guest
Matthew Hyde Non-Member
Zara Ismail Non-Member Guest
Gina Jacobs Non-Member Guest
Glenn Jacobson Non-Member
Joseph Jones Non-Member Guest
Thomas Joyce Members
Erol Kantar Members
Scott Kellers Members
Sean Kelly Non-Member
Sean X. Kelly Non-Member
Michael Kirby Non-Member Guest
Joel Lasky Members
Francis Leddy Non-Member
Robert Looney Additional Attendee - Member
Jason Mangano Non-Member
Jim Mange Members
James McDonald Members
James McNamara Members
Kevin McNamara Non-Member
Michael Mikitiuk Members
Judy Mines Non-Member
Dawn Monahan Additional Attendee - Member
Trina Moore Non-Member
John Morgenstern Non-Member
Eva Mowry Members
William Moye Non-Member
brian murphy Non-Member
Greg Myers Members
Alan Nash Non-Member Guest
Louis Pallante Members
Christine Pan Members
Amy Parker Additional Attendee - Member
James Parker Members
Dhara Patel Members
Eugene Peck Additional Attendee - Member
Ian Plumley Members
Patti Potash Non-Member
Christine Prendergast Members
Edward Quinn Jr. Members
Raghu Ramachandran Non-Member
Clemens Reidel Members
Iain Reynolds Members
Robert Riccobono Members
Mark Richardson Members
Steve Robson Members
Jessica Rogin Members
John Romano Members
Robert Rosen Non-Member
Alex Sardinia Members
Richard Savage Members
Matthew Schorr Non-Member Guest
Scott Shelton Non-Member
James Short Members
Scott Shovelson Additional Attendee - Member
David Sobotka Members
Stephen Straus Non-Member
Meg Sutton Members
Ford Swift Non-Member
Lou Tassan Non-Member
John Toohey Non-Member Guest
Richard Traub Members
Sandra Van Enk Members
Jeffrey Van Etten Non-Member
Alida Verdino Non-Member
Lee Vuu Additional Attendee - Member
Susan Wain Members
Harold Watson Non-Member
Brian Williams Non-Member
Patrice Williams Non-Member
Jeff Yorey Non-Member